My Room
by Bruce Stark

(mixed a cappella chorus) 


Who is coming to my room?

Just a tiny place
But this is my space
'Keep it nice in case
You come to my room

From my window, you can see things the way that I do
'Hope you like this view . . .
Welcome to my room
don don dui yai ye, saba don dui yai yo
don don dui yai
You can come into my room
ooh-hey-oh, ooh-hey-oh

'Used to lock up tight
Through the day and night
'Never thought I might
Open up my room

Then one day I tried to see out, and pulled the curtains wide
'Made me laugh and cry . . . just to see outside
(repeat refrain)
Won't you come into my room?

words and music Copyright © 1997 Bruce Stark

My Room

words and music by Bruce Stark
mixed a cappella chorus (SATB)
score 7 pages

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