Prelude No. 3 (BWV 848)
arranged by Bruce Stark

(flute and piano) 


Prelude No. 3 (BWV 848) is one of my favorite preludes in Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier. The word "arrangement" is perhaps a bit misleading, as I endeavored to create a new work based on the prelude but employing new material as well, influenced by my own harmonic and rhythmic sensibilities. I hope the listener enjoys this view of Bach's amazing, lively little piece through a contemporary lense.

Prelude No. 3 was recorded by flutist Kaori Fujii and Bruce Stark in 2003 as part of Ms. Fujii's CD entitled Aria (Victor Entertainment)

Prelude No. 3 (BWV 848)

(Bach’s Prelude from Well-Tempered Clavier)
arranged by Bruce Stark
flute and piano
piano score 12 pages, flute part 5 pages

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Bach’s Prelude No. 3 arranged by Bruce Stark, played by Kazuhiro Iwasa and Chika Nagisa in rehearsal (2011)