Serenade to a Son
by Bruce Stark

(flute and piano)

Serenade To A Son (2000), written to celebrate the birth of my son, was composed for a recording of arrangements of the music of J.S. Bach by flutist Kaori Fujii (Aria, Victor Entertainment). The harmonic motion of the piece is based in part on the harmonies of Bach's Prelude No. 1 from The Well-Tempered Clavier, better known in its role as the accompaniment to Gounod's Ave Maria. The reference to Bach is subtle in Serenade To A Son, but to listeners familiar with the prelude a recognizable one. As a programming suggestion, the pairing of Gounod's Ave Maria and Serenade To A Son is effective, as the listener can hear ways in which Bach's original harmonies have been enriched and the original arpeggio texture developed.

— Bruce Stark

Serenade to a Son was recorded by flutist Kaori Fujii and Bruce Stark in 2003 as part of Ms. Fujii's CD entitled Aria (Victor Entertainment)

Serenade to a Son

by Bruce Stark
flute and piano
6 minutes
piano score 10 pages, flute part 3 pages

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