Six Dances for Piano
by Bruce Stark 


Six Dances for Piano was composed in 2009 for a commission from New York's Keys To The Future piano music series under the direction of Joseph Rubenstein. For me the movement—the dance—of fingers over the keyboard is often an important part of creating music at the piano. The pieces are characterized by energetic, syncopated rhythms and jazz-influenced passages, with the exception of Dance No. 3 which offers a calm, lyrical piece inspired by Celtic music. Performing the six pieces in order is suggested, however pianists are encouraged to choose their favorites and try other combinations.

— Bruce Stark

Six Dances for Piano

by Bruce Stark
solo piano
27 pages

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Chika Nagisa performs Six Dances for Piano in Tokyo in 2011

Dance No. 1

Dance No. 2

Dance No. 3

Dance No. 4

Dance No. 5

Dance No. 6