Sonata for Piano
by Bruce Stark

  1. Allegro

  2. Andante

  3. Presto


Sonata for Piano was composed in the spring of 2018 for a commission from the Washington State Music Teachers' Association. The fast and rhythmically propelled first movement unfolds in sonata form with jazz-influenced, syncopated material followed by a more lyrical theme, both of which are utilized in the development section, returning in reverse order in the recapitulation. The second movement is a meditative tapestry in 7/8 meter in which a sparse, singing motive is heard through a texture of layered elements. A flourish of activity awakens the music at one point, then the piece returns, somewhat transformed, to the initial texture and fades to its conclusion, like an echo. After a brief introduction, the third movement dances with a bright, rhythmically-propelled momentum in compound meter as it drives the piece to an energetic, optimistic conclusion. Following the initial material, a fugato appears with a subject derived from themes of previous movements, leading to a finish incorporating many motifs as the piece culminates.

— Bruce Stark


Sonata for Piano
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Sonata for Piano

by Bruce Stark
solo piano
14 minutes
33 pages

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