Songs of Innocence
by Bruce Stark

(piano, with optional narration) 


  1. Daddy’s Here

  2. Chords for Clara

  3. Forever Song

  4. Deja vu

  5. Rain Watch

  6. Little Lost Waltz

  7. Kane’s Trains

  8. Tones for Tears

  9. Yours

Songs Of Innocence (2002) is a collection of 9 short, lyrical pieces averaging about 3 minutes each, intended as recital pieces in any combination or played separately. Their emphasis is on expressing beauty, innocence, and a love of small children. With the exception of Kane's Trains they are not technically difficult works.

The complete collection of Songs Of Innocence was recorded by Chika Nagisa on Muse, from Centaur Records (U.S.). British pianist Seann Alderking included 3 selections from Songs Of Innocence on his CD of Stark’s piano works entitled Vivid from Red Kite Records.

Bruce Stark wrote a small poem to accompany each piece, and these can serve as printed material for a program, or can be recited at performances to enrich the audiences understanding of the music’s intention.

Songs of Innocence

by Bruce Stark
nine pieces
solo piano
30 pages

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The pieces in Songs Of Innocence were written from 1999 to 2002—a time during which, owing to my own children, my immediate surroundings were abundant with images of the very young. Laughing, crying, staring in awe at the rain, angellic or devillish, small children never cease to inspire, to help us know who we are. The collection is fondly dedicated to my wife and my children.

— Bruce Stark