Suite for Trombone and Piano
by Bruce Stark

  1. Ode to Friendship

  2. Serenade

  3. Bone Tones

Suite for Trombone and Piano has been featured at the International Trombone Festival and performed widely by trombonists including Megumi Kanda, Jeremy Wilson, Hiroyuki Odagiri and many others.


Suite For Trombone and Piano, completed in the spring of 2012, is comprised of three movements that were written over a span of twenty years. The piece opens with Ode To Friendship (2010), composed for a commission from pianist Mayumi Akahoshi. Serenade (2012) is dedicated to trombonist Hiroyuki Odagiri, whose suggestion was the impetus for completing the suite. The work concludes with Bone Tones, originally composed in 1993 but considerably revised in 2012 to provide the concluding movement.

A special thanks goes to the musical friends that encouraged the creation of this piece. The support of Mr. Odagiri, Ms. Akahoshi, and Megumi Kanda (while preparing the piece for its premiere) was a vital part of giving birth to the music. Thank you, my friends! 

— Bruce Stark

Suite for Trombone and Piano

by Bruce Stark
14 minutes
piano score 28 pages, trombone part 11 pages

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world premiere performance of Suite for Trombone and Piano by Megumi Kanda (trombone) and Yien Wang (piano)

Jeremy Wilson (trombone) and Lara Urrutia (piano) perform Suite for Trombone and Piano at ITF 2017